Days of Snowing

    Outside the window, It has snowed again. Snow flake descends slowly and lightly to the ground, Covering silently the little lives which should not grow up in this season on the lawn. The world is quiet. Let's sleep because winter already arrives.

    Her name is Snow. Like snow, she always wears pure white plain skirt, standing in snow quietly , stretching out her hands, counting the snow flake which is falling down in the palm of her hands. One slice, two slices ˇ­ˇ­Ten slices, 20 slices ˇ­ˇ­100 slices, 200 slices ˇ­ˇ­Only because someone has said: "when snow turns red, he will come back, he will come back to her side.'

    An accident ,not big, but seized the eyesight of Snow. The only thing that she can remember well, is this sentence . This sentence imprints on the bones and inscribes on the memory, that can't be forgotten forever. "Why do you still not come back ? "

    "You should go home , Snow! "Brother is calling her .

    "Brother, does the snow become red? " Snow asks.

    "Don't be silly! Snow will not become red! He will not come back either, he has deceived you !" Brother's words have been already repeated more than a thousand times, but Snow is still waiting, waiting for the person in her heart.

    "He will not deceive me. When snow becomes red, I can see him again. "

    Snow has entered the house. After that accident, no matter what has happened , she never cried because she knows that she can unquestionably see him , though can not see him by eyes. When snow flake turns into red, he is sure to come near her, drawing her hands, saying: "I have come back for you. "

    "Hi! You are really a silly girl. "Brother said as he is drawing her into the house while Snow has another look outwards unwillingly to go back. Though she can not see anything, she is very satisfied to look outside.

    For three years, in every snowy day, Snow runs out , standing in snow, inquiring ceaselessly: "Does the snow become red? " "Is the present snow red? "

    Again and again, every time when she comes back she will fall ill and have a fever right away , which makes Brother worried to die. When Brother scolds her silly girl, she smiles; when Brother says that she is a mad girl, she smiles; when Brother says that he will not come again, she still smiles . with white plain skirt, the inquiring eyes and smiling face in the snow, she is just as a spirit. Any person passing by can't help being attracted by her.

    Then again and again, whenever Snow runs into danger, she can always be rescued. "He must look after me in a certain place , then laugh at me stealthily . "Snow tells Brother: "When there is red snow, he is sure to run out from behind me, give me a big surprise. "Brother only sighs.

    Since that accident, the relatives of Snow have only had one brother left. Although sometimes she blames Brother not to let her go out to wait for him, for Snow, Brother is the most important one. If someone wants her to choose only one between Brother and him, it is sure to be hard and cruel for her because Brother is really very gentle. But she knows it can't be the situation because Brother will never give her too difficult choice. Every time, Brother only gives her tender and love.

    Outside the window, it's snowing again. Snow wants to run out secretly again but is caught by Brother: "Brother! Let me go out to have a look! Perhaps the snow has already become red, he will be worried if he doesn't see me! "

    "Don't be silly, he has already died! It is impossible to come back!" Brother can't help roaring greatly at last.

    "He has not died ! "Snow is urgent too: "He can rescue me from that fire that day , he is certainly not die ! "Snow roars greatly: "If he has really died, then you tell me where his cadaver is. Where? Even if died, he should have ˇ­ˇ­cadaver. He has promised that he will come back on red snowing day, he will certainly not fail to keep an appointment ! "

    "Do you want to look his cadaver? In this way you will believe? You will forget him ? "The intonation of Brother is getting calm: "OK! I shall show you. "

    With the support of Brother, Snow is walking forwards slowly. Only short several minutes seems to her like decades. "Why? My own heart is very messy , Do I not believe him ? I have not had a silk wavered one day after another, over the past three years. Why my heart suddenly jumping so fast now? Why? "

    Brother has stopped and it seems that it's already the end of the road.

    "This is his cadaver, you can feel with your hands , feel the person that you have been believing in all the time how he keeps the promise, how he deceives the love ! "As Brother is saying, he pushes Snow to the parking place of the cadaver.

    There is one kind of feelings that my body becomes ice-cold , why? It seems that the world loses temperature completely. Snow is still falling ,white snow flake has never changed, it is only that each descends slowly and lightly like that, bit by bit, falling it on the heart of Snow, on that already ice-cold body, on the body with dropping temperature constantly.

    "No! "This is the last word Snow said, then fell down unconsciousness on the ground which covered with a lots of snow flake, white snow flake.

    Waking up, Snow sees Brother is sitting at her side. She now has no feelings, There is not even heart pain feelings to her. Only she knows that water drops flow from her eyes downwards ceaselessly. Water drops ? What color are they? Are they red? No, white , that deathly still color. Never do she hates white color like now before. She dislikes the lifeless white color so so much!

    "Don't cry . Do you forget him now? "Brother asks.

    "No, it's the end now. "The voice of Snow does not have a bit tremble and sad, she just keeps saying: "My heart will go with him. Perhaps snow in that place is red. "

    "Don't be silly! "Brother embraces snow violently : "Stop talking about this kind of foolish words , forbid, even not allow to think like that!"

    "I am sorry, Brother. we shall be good brother and sister again next life, ok? "Snow closes her eyes gently.

    "No, no! "Brother is shouting: "Why? Why can't you forget him? Is he really so important? "

    " It is not important," the smile of Snow is always so beautiful, even now: "Accompany in all our life, never cease to be faithful. "

    "Accompany in all our life, never cease to be faithful. " Brother is repeating this sentence quietly ," that is good. I have to tell you a story, and if after finishing hearing my story you still want to die , I will not stop you. "
Snow does not know what Brother wants to say , just hears quietly .

    Suddenly, Brother's voice changed. It was not with that kind of hoarse voice which was caused by the fire accident, but with the most familiar, gentle voice. he says : "Remember , dear Snow, wherever I go in future I will come back to you and to be in front of you when it is falling red snow, I promise. "

    "Silly Snow, lovers would accompany in all life, never cease to be faithful! Do you make it? "

    These words are so familiar to Snow that she has repeated thousands of times in her heart.
Hearing the most familiar gentle voice, most familiar words, being held by a warm arms, Snow thought that she is dreaming. But this is not really a dream.

    Snow burst into crying: "Why? Why? Why you pretend as my brother? Why not tell me ? When I am waiting for you, you must laugh at me ? Do you tease me on purpose? You know obviously , you know obviously ˇ­ˇ­"

    "I am sorry, I am sorry! But the person who teases me is you! "Holding Snow tightly, afraid that she will run away from his arms: "When we were together before that you told me ceaselessly how much you love your brother and how outstanding Brother was. In fact that cadaver is your Brother. I am just afraid that you can not stand the fact. That's the reason why I deceive you. But why? Why when I turn into and act as your brother, you always say how much you love me! Why not forget me ? I am not so good! "

    "I care Brother, but care you too. I only know that you have promised to never leave me, you will not break your promise. I love you. Brother is brother, but you are my true lover. You do not understand till now, do you? "Snow is holding him more and more tightly until they are both hard to breath.

    He asks Snow gently: "You do not have relatives when I am myself again. Don't you regret ? "

    Snow shakes her head: "But I have you! Now what I want is only you, with you at my side, I care nothing. "

    It is still snowing. Looking out of the window unintentionally it is really red outside ! The red plum petals descend slowly and lightly. Isn't it a most beautiful red snow? When the white snow turns into the red, there are a pair of lovers, sitting together and looking out of the window . Let that red plum petals descending slowly and lightly give witness to their love !

    Accompany in all life, never cease to be faithful ˇ­ˇ­